Fire Risk Assessments

If you or your clients, are responsible for corporate premises (where more than five people are employed including part-time and/or staff in different locations) it is an essential legal requirement to have a written record of significant findings from a fire risk assessment.

Why YOU and YOUR CLIENTS should choose fastEPC?

Speed of delivery which can help with the processing of essential documentation.

Thorough assessments and strategies which could save lives.

  • Our fire risk assessors are fully certified and trained
  • Identification of key risk areas and how to eliminate/minimise
  • All environments from small offices to large corporate premises
  • Strategizing a fire escape procedure in the event of a fire
  • Legally required fire-fighting equipment and signage
  • All recommendations conform with British Legislation and Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005.

With all the headlines of fires and disasters, it is a duty of care to ensure that you, your clients, teams and employees, are all working within a safe environment which has meticulous procedures in place to protect against fire hazards and risk.

All equipment and the business operation should be constantly protected.

Aside the responsibility for lives and wellbeing it is always advisable to avoid any legal ramifications as a result of negligence.

Our efficient processes and expertise facilitates thorough assessments for contracts and any other requirements.

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